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ADM [a delicate motor] is a musical effort by Adam Petersen, channeling sounds from keyboard instruments, human voice, variable percussion thru a loop station, blending extended song form with improvisation.

"A Delicate Motor, is the musical equivalent to a post-modern painting: multitudinous in layers, greater than the sum of its parts and open to numerous interpretations. It is abstract without being unapproachable and serious without being pretentious.

"I found a deeply resonating, almost primitive driving force behind the music. The bass vibrates your inner-self and the chant-like singing reaches out to a long-buried primeval piece of your humanity and says 'come play with me.'"

- Jim Nolan, WVXU's Local Xposure

Adam Petersen is a central Cincinnati native and current resident. While studying piano performance at CCM [The University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music], Adam was building a cultural foundation with many other creative conspirators in their residence at The Marburg Hotel, using the living space as a functional recording studio, DIY concert venue and general quasi-public, creative safe space for the surrounding Clifton / University community. This collective effort yielded many months of varietal aesthetic events and inspired phenomenal expression, interactivity and maturity about its sphere of influence. Since the cultivation of this place-based community, there has endured a momentum maintained by its people, and it is by way of this momentous stream which ADM navigates.

"ADM experiments with electronics and keys, creating compelling, unique tracks that feature sparse beats and clicks, eclectic song structuring and trippy, layered vocals. The result is ambient, psychedelic and strangely melodic, a slanted, otherworldly interpretation of Pop that is often mesmerizing."
- Mike Breen, CityBeat